Result-oriented Legal Representation

The Law Offices of William A. Hickey is a general practice litigation firm. Through many years of service in the public sector and the private sector, I have become familiar with the ways people approach the real problems that face them. Our firm is experienced in all aspects of litigation, one of the common ways, and also conflict resolution, which is another. We draw on that considerable experience to protect your rights and achieve your goals. I believe in a team approach to the analysis of issues and development of a litigation plan, with you as an important part of that team.

People are frequently confused about how to select an attorney. There’s no magic involved. Here are some questions that I believe are pivotal to a good attorney – client relationship.

  • Does the attorney listen to you?
  • Is the attorney readily accessible, promptly responding to your questions and concerns?
  • Is the attorney open and willing to explain legal matters to you in everyday terms?
  • Is the attorney experienced in life and the law?
  • Will the attorney personally handle your matter?
  • Are the attorney’s fees reasonable (do not be embarrassed to ask and compare)?